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Over the period of time, LEED certification have gained a lot of attention in the Middle East. The reason for this the multitude benefits LEED offers to the developers; including, reduced operational cost, acknowledgement for environmental management and a growth in market development.

Holistic Approach

IES Ltd believes in offering multiple LEED related services from under one roof, in this way, a clear medium of communication is built through which our clients can benefit from greater efficiency in minimum coordination time. IES Ltd have in-house experts who work very closely with the valuable clients providing sustainability in the most cost effective and value adding manner.  

How Can We Help

IES Ltd offers a complete package of LEED services that includes LEED certification consulting, sustainable design workshop and consulting and energy modeling and analysis. We guide and work with building owners and design teams from pre-design to construction and also help prepare the online submittal of LEED documentation to achieve LEED certification.  In addition, regular workshops are organized for design professionals, building owners and managers to set definite goals for sustainable design and energy efficiency and also provide an initial evaluation of the project using LEED rating system.

Contact Details


P.O. Box 127842 Masdar City, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

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