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Global (or Qatar) Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS/QSAS) is a green building certification system developed for the State of Qatar. The primary objective of GSAS/QSAS is to create a sustainable built environment that minimizes ecological impact while addressing the specific regional needs and environment of Qatar.

Holistic Approach

IES Ltd team is comprised of GSAS/QSAS Certified Green Professionals (GSAS-CGP), Qualified Architects, Engineers, Energy Modelers, and Waste Management Specialist that work with the client building a robust relationship and giving assurance that we can provide the client any service for GSAS/QSAS projects. 

How can we help

IES Ltd collaborates with the project teams to achieve high level of sustainability in most appropriate and value adding manner. We also conduct regular meetings with the client, contractor and subcontractor to make sure that they are all complying with GSAS requirements and achieving the required rating for the project in a most economical means.

GSAS Service Provider

Contact Details


P.O. Box 127842 Masdar City, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

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