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IES Ltd believes that energy modeling is an intricate part of integrated design process. In today’s time where sustainability is getting all the hype, developers and building owners are focusing on energy conservation to improve their carbon footprint and reduce operational cost. IES Ltd have experts that carry out energy modeling on computer based software that simulates the energy use of a building design. This help make appropriate strategies and design decision that later results in achieving cost effective energy efficient design and other major implications.

Holistic Approach

IES Ltd energy modelers work close with the project teams to enhance design performance and have proven to consistently produce substantial capital and operational cost saving. We always brings forth energy modeling at the early stage of the project for better selection of energy efficiency strategies resulting in optimized client investment. IES Ltd energy modeling team have submitted a number of energy model for LEED and Estidama that have strengthen our experience and provide valuable lessons for future projects.

How can we help

IES Ltd uses advanced energy analysis software, such as DOE-2, Energy Plus and IES-VE. Our experts initiate with creating a baseline model for comparison using most suitable software tool such as, 2D, 3DCAD or Revit files, based on project objectives and technical details. We then simulate alternative design solutions by changing building attributes; building orientation, wall and roof construction, shading strategies, glazing properties and other factors that play a role in energy performance of a building. Life cycle cost analysis and modeled energy performance can then generate the efficient building design solution.

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