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Designing and constructing a sustainable structure is not enough to achieve the goal of building a sustainable environment. There is another important procedure that comes much later after the completion of structure; it is maintaining and operating the building in a sustainable manner. IES Ltd have proven and strongly believes that the energy and water costs in almost all buildings can be significantly reduced with little or even no capital investment.


IES Ltd follows a systematic approach where we gather building data, building operations and resource uses, and then convert the data into valuable information so that we can use it as a baseline to measure energy performance, implement efficient measures, identify energy saving opportunities and prioritize strategies according to the required level of investment and payback periods.


Our experts consider a building to be a working machine that requires constant maintenance and attention for best results. Following our theories, we initiate by starting an evaluation of each component of the building and understand how does this structure impacts its occupants and its surroundings. Once this is understood our specialists use diagnostic testing to investigate the relation between building components with uncover wasted energy and performance problems. Accordingly, corrective and efficient measures are recommended and implemented. In our experience, this procedure has reported to have lesser complaints from the occupants regarding the comfort level of the building and have also proven to improve the energy performance of the structure, which is the primary goal. IES Ltd energy auditing team offers preliminary walkthrough and detailed energy audits following the requirements of ASHRAE Energy Auditing Procedures.  

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