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Commissioning is one of the principle services provided by IES ltd. We have experience of performing commissioning services in accordance with LEED and Estidama requirements following the procedures and guidelines set out in ASHRAE and the Building Commissioning Association. As a leading commissioning authority having successfully completed numerous prestigious projects to include large and small scale ..Read More


Over the period of time, LEED certification have gained a lot of attention in the Middle East. The reason for this the multitude benefits LEED offers to the developers; including, reduced operational cost, acknowledgement for environmental management and a growth in market development...Read More


Estidama is the creation of Urban Planning Council Abu Dhabi which is held by four basic pillars, Economic, Social, Environmental and Cultural. IES Ltd has worked on numerous Estidama projects, such as Parks, Villa Complex, Palace, Police sports hall, etc. located in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain..Read More


IES Ltd believes that energy modeling is an intricate part of integrated design process. In today’s time where sustainability is getting all the hype, developers and building owners are focusing on energy conservation to improve their carbon footprint and reduce operational cost. IES Ltd have experts that carry out energy modeling on computer based software that simulates the energy use of a building design....Read More


Designing and constructing a sustainable structure is not enough to achieve the goal of building a sustainable environment. There is another important procedure that comes much later after the completion of structure; it is maintaining and operating the building in a sustainable manner. IES Ltd have proven and strongly believes that the energy and water costs in almost all buildings can be significantly reduced with little or even no capital investment..Read More


Even the experts and specialists who are best at what they do require regular training to keep exceling at their jobs. IES Ltd stands by this theory and hence their experienced professional and new recruits take part in various workshops, seminars and training sessions to provide the best service to their clients. Furthermore, our experts also organize training sessions and workshops for our owners in order to familiarize them with the Environmental rating system that is being utilized..Read More


Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is a set of tools which are used to visualize, analyse, and evaluate project performance. Building Information Modelling (BIM), a subset of VDC, integrates the information for multiple disciplines and project phases into a common multi-dimensional model. ..Read More

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