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It’s human need to have shelter, to have a roof and four walls around him to provide him comfort, to provide him with a space that he could call him. As human has evolved its needs has changed, what used to considered to be luxury or fashion or trend gradually became an absolute human necessity, such as sustainable living.

As the cities are being massively infused with people the need to build shelter is rising accordingly. Abu Dhabi’s economy has constantly witnessed a gradual increase due to which the city have to grow ever upwards.

Residential sector is the most profitable market in the U.A.E and covers different types of dwellings; single family unit, row housing/townhouses, duplexes and high rise residential complex.

Comfort of occupant is always important but when it comes to residential, comfortable becomes not only a priority but necessity and this is the approach that IES Ltd abides by when working on residential projects. We involve ourselves in the project along the clients from initial feasibility to eventual management of the structure to create sustainable properties.

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