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Hotel, leisure and retail sector has flourished just like any other sectors have maybe even more. In today’s busy life people find a way out from their routines and retail and hotels is the most favourite option among people. Such facilities can either designed to be stand-alone or can be a part of a larger mixed use complex, either-way it’s IES Ltd whom have the expertise to provide efficient sustainable and cost effective solutions.

Retail in very competitive and with online shopping it has become harder than ever and therefore it is very important of for the retailers to create an ultimate shopping experience for the customers. Keeping the product aside, the factor that makes these large retail complex a success, in our opinion, is that it’s not envisaged by the customer as a maze, thus the secret lies in the horizontal and vertical circulation, adequate parking and good transport links and strategically laid out basic facilities within the complex. All of these aspect, even the shape colour and quality will have an impact on the visitor’s decision whether to revisit or not.

Therefore, experts at IES Ltd adapt a well-coordinated process where construction and engineering requirements are developed along the facility needs. In addition, we carefully study and analyse aspects such as lighting, ventilation, material, acoustics of the retail environment in order to engineer low energy consuming HVAC systems for a high level sustainable building.

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