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It is reported that there are over 3 billion people working in offices around the globe, working under wide variety of occupation. These offices exist in all shapes and size, some aesthetically pleasing while some are not, regardless these spaces incorporate vast functions.
The entire world is and have witnessed the drastic change in economy over a small period of time. These changes had negative impact on construction sector making it hard to provide and operate the top of the class and modern investments; and quite obviously making also making an impact to deliver a sustainable work environment.

With these existing economy setbacks, IES Ltd has the expertise and experience to deliver an environmentally sound, cost effective office space that is not built on the expense of the earth. Our experts are trained to create buildings with low emissions and low cost by utilizing natural ventilation, lighting and recycling waste. Our multidisciplinary team educate the project personnel to connect the structure with its surroundings so that the two can work in harmony and give a positive output to the environment and its occupants.
An advantage of practicing sustainable measure in a gulf country, especially UAE is it provide ample opportunities to learn, experience and implement knowledge and skills due to the blooming of commercial sector in UAE.

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